Week 1: The Streets of Oviedo

Today marks my first full week in Spain, and I have to say, it’s been incredible. I’ve already had the opportunity to do some amazing things: I tried my first sip of sidra (a local cider), and my first bite of nocilla (like Nutella, but even better). I met my host family, and I got to know some of the students I’m going to be taking classes with. I navigated my way around four airports in two languages on less than three hours of sleep (on second thought, that one wasn’t so amazing).  But anyway, this week has been the perfect mix of overwhelming and exciting, which I think is appropriate for my first few days abroad!

Because of that, I had a hard time choosing what topic to discuss in this week’s blog. I could have chosen the vast mountains, which never fail to remind me that I’m in a stunningly beautiful country. Or the delicious drinks, from café con leche to cola cao, that have warmed me up after a long walk through the rain. Or I could have talked about the rain itself, because it’s always here and seems to be just as important a part of the Asturian culture as the Spanish language. They’re all good options (ones that I’ll probably use later – stay tuned), but none of them were quite right.

I decided instead to focus on what, for me, has been the best part of Oviedo so far: the sidewalks. It’s not that that they’re newly paved or organized especially well (because, to be honest, looking at a map shows that they’re really not). It’s just that they connect everything – and I do mean everything – in the city.

What I’ve loved so much about Oviedo is that you can see all of the sites, find the best cafés, and even go to class entirely by foot. It’s part of the culture for the entire city to be walking around. Almost every day I’ve seen people in the streets running into old friends, trying new cafés, or even noticing different flowers planted in the park.

Each time someone goes out, it’s an opportunity to see new sights and make incredible memories, and that’s something I can’t wait to be a part of!

Until next time,


The walk from one of Oviedo’s parks to the University of Oviedo campus
The path from Gascona Street to the Cathedral
The pathway leading up to the Cathedral
The walk from the Cathedral to the Art Museum
A shell on the city streets leading peregrinos (pilgrims) on the Camino de Santiago
A stone walkway leaving the Cathedral
The trail through one of Oviedo’s many small parks
Steps leading from campus into the heart of the city
The University of Oviedo seal leading the way to campus

14 thoughts on “Week 1: The Streets of Oviedo

  1. It is so cute!!!! I love it so much; the way you described the rain it made me want to be there in the rain with you!!!! I look forward to more of your blogs; make sure you put pictures of you too!


  2. Very fun! I love the idea that, for your first blog, you chose an uncommon streets view instead of taking the usual “touristy” photos (which I’m sure will come later, but that’s okay). It shows me that you’re not just visiting Oviedo; you’re connecting with Oviedo, just like the streets and paths connect throughout the city. 🙂


  3. Very fun! I love the fact that, for your first blog, you took pics on street level rather than the usual touristy photos (which I’m sure will come later, but that’s okay). You’re not just visiting Oviedo, you’re connecting with Oviedo, just like the streets and paths connect throughout the city. 🙂


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