Week 3: Parque San Francisco

One of the things that I love about Oviedo is that just about everywhere you look, you can find a park. They’re scattered all over the city, and one of my favorites is Parque San Francisco. It’s in a prime location in the heart of old town, situated between the Cathedral and one of the most popular areas for food and shops.

During the daytime Parque San Francisco is a popular spot, filled with kids cutting through on their way to school, all types of people walking their dogs, and just about everyone enjoying the special peace and quiet only found in a garden in the middle of a busy city. Parque San Fransicso is amazing during the day, and I’ve walked through it countless number of times. When the sun is shining, it’s absolutely beautiful.

At night, however, Parque San Francisco becomes magical. The sounds of the city fade away as the shapes of the trees seem more interesting, the winding pathways more enticing, and the puppies even cuter (I’m serious – there are some adorable puppies). There are lamps every few feet, and they fill the entire place with a warm glow, making everything look softer and more welcoming.

Tonight, my friend Emily and I decided to pick out some pastries at a café and enjoy them in the park. It was the first time I really had the chance to stop and notice all of the amazing things that happen to the park at night. Sitting there on that bench, eating carbayones and looking around at the trees swaying in the breeze, the people walking with friends, and the puppies running all over, I decided that this was how I wanted to capture Parque San Francisco. It’s not a popular as “Parque San Francisco in the sunshine”, but I think it’s even better.

Until next time,



Picnicking on carbayones in the park
Emily and her reasonably-sized carbayon (I got the big one, naturally)
The view looking out from our bench
One of the hundreds of trees lit up by the lamplight at night
Friends catching up on a beautiful evening
The pathway back to the Cathedral
An especially beautiful tree in the park
Pathways leading to the old and new parts of town
The walk leading to the swan pond
The swans of Oviedo enjoying their pond at night
Hanging out with Emily in the park
See you soon, Parque San Francisco!

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