Week 4: Áviles

As I mentioned in one of my previous blogs (this one), Oviedo is a central hub in the Asturias region which makes it a great starting point for any adventure. A few weekends ago we decided to take advantage of that, and my friends and I headed to the bus station for an exciting Saturday in Áviles, Spain.

The day was definitely a lot of fun, but we also learned four important lessons about traveling that I would like to share with you. Enjoy 🙂

Number 1: Look at a map

As strongly as you feel like the center of town should be to the right, a map (or the bus driver, or a sign) may confirm that you actually have to go left. (Oops)

Number 2: Roads don’t always follow straight lines

The scenic path by the water’s edge is amazing and beautiful, but it may be taking you further out than you anticipated. Is it worth it? Absolutely! Will you miss the 3:00 bus and have to wait for the 3:30 back? Probably.

Number 3: Have fun

If you find yourself walking with your friends through a Spanish city desperately trying to find a place to eat, just remind yourself: even if it’s been a while since your last café con leche, you’re still walking through a Spanish city. As long as you’re in a safe part of town and you can get yourself back to where you came from, enjoy the journey! At one point we were hiking up a huge hill hoping it would take us to the center of town, and we stopped and realized that we had an incredible view of the city that we would not have wanted to miss. You may not initially find what you’re looking for, but you will definitely find something pretty remarkable. Which brings me to…

Number 4: Don’t give up

Throughout this entire trip, we always knew how to get back to the bus station. It would have been easy for us to cut our losses and head back, but none of us wanted to do that. Whether it takes you five minutes or five hours to find the historical district, you will eventually find it (actually, if it’s taking you five hours, you should definitely just call a cab). There’s nothing that matches the wonder of walking into the bustling center of town, but you’ll appreciate it even more if you had to work for it.

Until next time,


DSCN0170 (5)
One of the smaller churches in Áviles
DSCN0167 (4)
A sculpture on a public trail (our first sign that we were heading in the right direction)
DSCN0191 (5)
The Cathedral in Áviles (this is how we were sure we were going in the right direction!)
DSCN0207 (5)
A mix of the old and the new in Áviles
DSCN0209 (5)
Walking through the historical center of Áviles
DSCN0212 (5)
Flowers in bloom in the park
DSCN0226 (5)
I just had to add another picture – they were so pretty!
DSCN0228 (5)
A trellis in the park
DSCN0237 (5)
Hanging out with Maddie (on my right) and Emily (on my left)
DSCN0238 (5)
The path through the park back to the new part of town
DSCN0241 (5)
A pigeon hanging out in the gazebo
DSCN0254 (4)
We finally found the water 🙂
DSCN0262 (5)
Relaxing in Áviles, and looking forward to our next adventure!

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