Week 7: Food and Drink (Sevilla: Part 2)

If you read my blog a couple of weeks ago (this one), you know that I had the amazing opportunity to spend a weekend with everyone from GEO in Sevilla, Spain. That blog focused on one of my favorite places in Sevilla, the Real Alcázar. But trust me, there is so much more to Sevilla than just one palace!

It would be impossible for me to talk about everything we did and saw, but there were definitely some highlights. I decided to break it down into two lists, so look out for a “Part 2”! Because I’m me (and because it has been non-stop requested from my family), I decided to start out with a blog about food. If you ever find yourself in Sevilla, Spain, here’s a list of all of the things you should try when you’re there. Some of them are well known, and you’d see on TripAdvisor and other travel website, but others are just personal suggestions from the group. (Especially the ice cream thing. You should definitely have lots of ice cream!) Here is our semi-official list of the top five things you should eat/drink in Sevilla. Enjoy 🙂

  1. Paella

Really, there is no other way for me to start this. Paella is a Spanish rice and seafood dish that’s very common in the south of Spain. You absolutely cannot go to Sevilla and miss out on the paella! It’s absolutely amazing, and I insisted that it be our first dish when our flight landed. We passed by some amazing looking cafés and restaurants on the main street to get there (sorry about that, guys) when we were dying of hunger (again, sorry), but it was definitely worth it!

A huge bowl of paella and a glass of sangria – the perfect Sevilla welcome!
  1. Sangria

If there’s something the South of Spain is known for even more than their paella, it’s their sangria! Sangria is red wine mixed with lots of fruit, and it’s delicious. They sell it just about everywhere, so make sure to try it!

(Just a note – in the picture below, you can find two different types of red wine, some white wine, and champagne, but no sangria. Sorry. We had sangria the night before, and wanted to mix things up. I would have included a picture of sangria from Google, but copyright laws tend to frown on that. Again, sorry.)

Not sangria, but still really yummy
  1. Ice Cream

We had the good fortune of being in Sevilla when the weather was especially beautiful, which meant that the helado (ice cream) hit the spot. My one caveat when it comes to eating ice cream in Sevilla: don’t just go to any random place. Of course you could, and it would probably still be incredible (it is ice cream, after all), but your best bet is usually the place without tourists, where no one speaks English, and you have no idea what you’re ordering because you can’t understand the names of the different flavors. (We probably ate way too much ice cream, but on the bright side, that means you get to enjoy a nice ice cream photo collage. Have fun!)

  1. An orange directly from a tree

One of my favorite things about Sevilla is that there are orange trees everywhere! Lining the streets, in the plazas, by the river – you name any landmark, it’s probably surrounded my orange trees. It makes the city seem so fresh and colorful, and that was so much fun to see in January. One thing you have to do when you’re in Sevilla is eat an orange directly from one of the trees. Why, you may ask? Because it’s sweet and juicy? No, actually. It’s bitter and pretty terrible unless you mix in a ton of sugar and make it into marmalade. But if you eat do eat a bitter and terrible orange, then you can say that you ate an orange in Sevilla, and that’s totally worth it.

DSCN0343 (1)
Oranges in Sevilla 🙂
Maddie grabbing an orange to enjoy
  1. One thing that you didn’t expect to eat

This one is a bit different, but bear with me. When you go to Sevilla, you expect to eat things like octopus, shrimp, clams, Spanish rice, tortilla española, and ham – all things that we did end up eating, by the way. What you don’t expect to eat is pizza. (At least I didn’t expect it. You may have seen this coming from kilometers away). The only reason I recommend eating something unexpected is because it forces you to have an experience that you didn’t anticipate. I never thought that when I left Sevilla, I’d have a story to tell about the huge pizzas that we thought would be personal-sized (but really – four girls walk in and order four full-sized pizzas, and the waitress didn’t bat an eye. I think I would have been at least a little concerned if I were in her place). The point is, though, to surprise yourself. Try something new, and you may get into a pizza-eating competition and a great story out of it. (I won the competition, in case anyone was wondering. Please enjoy the pics of victory!)

My huge “personal pizza”
The reason I won 🙂 (And then didn’t touch food…until later that day when we had more ice cream)


I hope you enjoyed this list of the 5 Foods to Eat in Sevilla, Spain, as much as I enjoyed actually eating all of them!

Until next time,



P.S. After all of this eating, do yourself a favor. Find a nice quite spot, and take a rest. And then go look for dessert 🙂

Enjoying the sun and the feeling of victory that comes from winning a pizza eating contest. I don’t regret a thing 🙂

5 thoughts on “Week 7: Food and Drink (Sevilla: Part 2)

  1. Wonderful! Love the fact that you’re dedicating at least one of your blogs to food. ;). Isn’t paella amazing? And there’s something magical about Sevilla – even your “common” foods like ice cream taste incredible in Sevilla. Honestly, you could probably eat a cardboard box there and still rate it at least 4 stars!

    The only sad part is when you come home and have a hankering for, say, paella – you’re never going to find a place here that makes it as good as there. Although Uncle Frick’s sangria is pretty darn good…



    1. It’s so true that everything here tastes amazing!!! Especially when it comes after a full day of exploring the city 🙂 By the way – I can’t believe you didn’t tell me to try a cardboard box! That could’ve made it onto the list 🙂 lol


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