Week 9: Looking up in Spain

Last summer, I had the opportunity to go to Washington D.C. with my family. We spent a few days walking around the city, exploring the museums, and – of course – touring the monuments. One of my favorites ended up being the Washington Monument, but at first, I really didn’t think it looked like anything special. It was tall, sure, but not really that tall. It was impressive, of course, but not really that impressive. That’s what I thought until my sister and I walked right up to the base of the monument and looked up.

You can never be in awe of something looking down on it, or even seeing it from eye-level. In order to understand the true magnitude and beauty of something like the Washington Monument, you have to look up. Because of that, one of my favorite things to do when we’re traveling around Spain is to take my eyes away from what’s in front of me, and try to capture what’s above me instead.

Sometimes this allows me to appreciate a tall steeple, or notice a small flower. It always gives me the opportunity to get new grass stains on my jeans when I kneel down to take a picture (oops). No matter what, I end up with a picture that helps me remember exactly what I was feeling when I took it, so it’s always worth it.

Until next time,


DSCN0191 (5)
View of the cathedral in Aviles
DSCN0226 (5)
Roses growing off of a trellis in Aviles
DSCN0260 (5)
Looking up at Maddie and Emily by the riverside in Aviles
DSCN0421 (1)
The view from the tower in Sevilla
DSCN0402 (1)
Overlooking the cathedral dome in Sevilla
DSCN0461 (1)
Climbing up the tower to get high enough to take the last two pictures 🙂
DSCN0386 (1)
Amazing clouds in Sevilla
DSCN0340 (1)
Orange trees covering the sky
DSCN0507 (1)
Looking up in Sevilla
DSCN0508 (1)
Noticing a plant that decided to grow in the cathedral
DSCN0529 (1)
The little plant that could
The top balcony of the Real Alcazár in Sevilla
Capturing the last picture 🙂

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