Week 10: What to Do (Sevilla: Part 3)

You’ve already read all about the Real Alcazar (or if you haven’t, you can), and you know all about what to eat in drink in Sevilla (or again, you can). The final chapter in this story is one last list: all of the amazing and exciting things you can do if you ever have the chance to go to Sevilla. Just as with my food and drink list, some of these recommendations are things that you’ll find just about everywhere, and others are things we discovered and loved. Either way, I hope you enjoy this list of the 5 things to do in Sevilla, Spain.

  1. Go to a flamenco show

Of course! You hear about it in every single guide book and city review, and there’s a good reason for that: it’s amazing! The place that we went to was actually a school for learning to play the guitar, so the show was a mix of guitar playing, singing, and dance. It was incredible to see so much talent on one stage, and even if you can’t understand the song lyrics (they’re often in really old Castilian, so we had a hard time), it’s impossible not to be moved by the emotion of each of the dancers.

The ticket for our Flamenco Show
  1. Take a river tour

There’s a few reasons for this. First, it’s a great way to find out the names of all of the buildings that you pass when walking along the banks. Trust me, it’s way more fun to walk by the Torre de Oro when you know it’s the Torre de Oro 🙂 Second, it forces you to be a tourist for exactly 87 minutes (the length of the ferry ride). You get to discover all of the new sights, and you get to learn something new. You have the chance to look at a building that you’ve only seen in textbooks, and that’s pretty cool. The third reason: I don’t know if you’ve ever been on a boat with a bunch of your friends on a beautiful sunny January day with your friends, but believe me, it’s really fun (and also completely surreal – especially the sun in January part. That nonsense does not happen in Michigan!)

Maddie and I enjoying the sun and our boat tour of Sevilla
  1. Explore the city

After you go on an amazing tour of Sevilla by boat, make sure to continue your exploration in the streets! You don’t really get a feel for a city until you’re in the heart of it, so dive in. you’ll find the prettiest shops, the most interesting balconies, the friendliest horses (true story) and even the coolest walls – just by wandering around! Some of our personal favorite places to discover were the Jewish neighborhood (full of winding streets and courtyards) and also the area around the cathedral. Both were bustling, and that gave us a really good feel for the city.

Seriously some of the friendliest horses we met!
DSCN0345 (1)
My group walking past the walls surrounding the Jewish neighborhood
The street leading up to the Cathedral
  1. Find the side rooms of the cathedral

If you go to Sevilla, you’re going to go to the cathedral. It’s really not an option; it’s so beautiful, you have to check it out. After you admire the huge arches and high ceilings of the main building, try to find the rooms that are tucked off to the side. Each of the rooms was built and decorated with a specific purpose in mind, like changing rooms for the clergy, and rooms with water for washing. This makes the walk through the rooms a story of how the massive church was maintained in the past. It also makes them incredibly unique and, because they weren’t all planned with the public in mind, distinctly maze-like. If you can manage to find your way through all of them, it’s definitely worth it!

The arched ceilings of the main Cathedral
DSCN0511 (1)
One of the Cathedral’s many side rooms
  1. Enjoy the small stuff

When you’re in Sevilla, make sure to take the time to remember that you are spending your time in one of the most beautiful and vibrant cities in the world. Walk through the city, look around, and take notice of at least one everyday thing that makes you happy. It may be a courtyard, a sidewalk, or even a bicycle. No matter what it is, enjoy 🙂

DSCN0363 (1)
A quiet courtyard near the cathedral
DSCN0442 (1)
Searching for the best view of Sevilla
DSCN0429 (1)
My favorite view of the Cathedral’s patio
DSCN0378 (1)
From left to right Emily, Me, Liahna, Adam, and Maddie. The absolute best group to travel with 🙂
IMG-20160130-WA0021 (1)
Thanks for everything, Sevilla!


Until next time,



One thought on “Week 10: What to Do (Sevilla: Part 3)

  1. So, so, SOOOOO miss Sevilla. I loved it there. Looking at the Cathedral brought back memories (like how to find my way home when I first got there – you can spot the cathedral from just about everywhere, so it’s a great landmark. Beauty and function all in one. 🙂 I’m hoping I’ll get to see some of your pics of Flamenco dancers (remind me to show you a pic of me in a black and white flamenco dress, courtesy of Inez, our house Mom). Those dresses are HEAVY! And hot. My Flamenco skills certainly did not do it justice.

    So glad you’re there, learnin’ stuff, hangin’ wtih friends and soaking up the sun (and look at the pretty flowers – in JANUARY!)

    Looking forward to your next post 🙂


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