Week 11: Culture Week in Oviedo

For all of the students in the language program at the University of Oviedo, the last week before Semana Santa is Semana Cultural, or Culture Week. During this time, all regular classes are suspended and students get to take part in special classes that help us connect to the rich culture of Asturias, Spain. For me, that meant spending half of my time in Guia de Ocio (Guide for Free Time), helping create a blog about all of the fun things to do in Oviedo. The other half of my time was spent changing the lyrics of Tequila’s iconic “Dime Que Me Quieres” (“Tell me that you love me”), to “Dime Que No Llueve” (“Tell me that it’s not raining”) – a ballad about the weather in Oviedo.

The classes range from photography and videography, to dance and cooking. There’s something for everyone and no matter what courses you’re in, you’re bound to have fun! At the end of the week, students from each class share something they worked on, whether that be a children’s story, a fake news broadcast, or even a music video. If you’ve never have the opportunity to watch the students that you sit with in class every day salsa across the stage, I offer you my sincerest condolences; it’s a treat 🙂

I really enjoyed watching all of these incredibly talented students present their projects, and so I decided to share my project with you. If you’re interested, check out Secretos de Oviedo, our culture blog for Guia de Ocio. All of the content is written by the students in my class, and it’s definitely an interesting read. (Note: Since I’m in a Spanish course, all of the articles are written in Spanish. You can use that as an opportunity to practice and brush up on your Español :).  Or, you can translate the page to English using the Capture symbol on the address bar of your computer.)

I hope you have fun reading about the activities, stores, restaurants, etc. that make Oviedo so special to students from around the world!

Until next time,


A presentation from the botany students, who studied the flowers and trees of Parque San Francisco.
DSCN1084 (2)
A very official “live” news broadcast with interviews and special reports. They did an amazing job!
A dramatic reading by the short story students.
The cooking class sharing a recipe (in Spanish) for pumpkin pie. (That’s Emily on the left and Maddie on the right!)
DSCN1099 (2)
Our fantastically talented dance students doing the salsa. Or the samba. Not 100% sure which, but it was great!
The photographs from our photography students, all with the theme “Colors of Oviedo”.
All of the awesome students I got to work with in Guia de Ocio.
DSCN1117 (2)
Me and Brynne, the website designers.



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